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Sat, 05/16/2015 - 8:02am -- Sandy
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In 2006 I began a new relationship with a man that I had fallen in love with, ignoring the fact that my family was very predigest as was his. I am white and he is black. I had been raised to believe that black people were not as good as white people and was not allowed to even have black friends. As I became an adult and could make my own decisions I realized there were many black people I liked and they felt just like I did about many things. I never intended to be with a black man and had been married twice (both times to white men) BUT as my story started I met and fell in love with a black man in 2006. We decided to spend as much time as possible with each other. (except holidays, because of our family predigest) After 5 years we then decided to move in together. Things were great between us, we were very happy with each other. But after just 1 year, he decided to move out and ended up moving to NC to be with his sisters (who never did except us or allow me to be around my family was with him) His sisters had finally pressured him enough to leave Va and me..... to live in NC (near them) and be a closer family. It broke my heart. I tried to change his mind but couldn't. We did date for another year, but he had to sneak around so that his sisters would not know. Finally this became too much trouble for him. Our relationship ended, so for me the Loving Story is important. If not for the Predigest way that people treated us...... we would still be together today :(
I still wear my "LOVING DAY" shirt on June 12 and call my lost love that day.