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Thu, 05/02/2013 - 2:01pm -- ecochicnatasha
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Firefighter and Florist

On a daily basis we don’t consider that we are a mixed race couple or that our children are multiracial people. Honestly I sometimes forget. In the whirlwind of activity that makes up our family home, it’s easy to get lost in just living. As a family we Love, Laugh, Cry, Play, Dance, Eat, Celebrate and Mourn like any other family.
Then there are those days, times, people and places that are an immediate and sharp reminder of the fact that not everyone views us as “just another” family. In those times where we are reminded of just how different our beautiful family is, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m grateful that Mildred and Richard Loving fought an impossible fight. I’m grateful that a somewhat forward black girl and a somewhat shy white guy could meet in a Spanish class in Austin, Texas, be married a year later and go on to create a loving family together.
Loving Day to us means gratitude. It also means hope for the future. One day, in my children’s lifetime, mixed race couples and multiracial identified people will not be so “different”. It means acceptance, tolerance and change. The Universe could not have planned it better that the name Loving would be attached to people who represent that very thing, Love.