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Tue, 01/24/2012 - 3:34am -- LizaBelle
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I am white and native american. I have friends and family members of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. About 5 years ago my job as an attorney in a State far away from my family and I ended up falling in madly love with this very charming airline pilot (a white guy). I have spent most of my life in school and with my job I worked about 70 hours a week, so I was finally ready to find my prince charming and settle down. We got engaged and although he had met my parents, he hadn't met my siblings or sister-in-laws. My fiance and I planned to announce our engagement at weekend long co-ed baby shower that was being held for my sister in-law (7 mo preg) at a very upscale hotel in Chicago. However, before we annouced the engagement he met 1. My 2 mexican sister-in-laws; 2. My gay brother. My fiance's private comments to me in our hotel room before announcing the engagement that weekend "are those Mexican's legal", "I didn't know your brother was a F#G..our kids are not spending time with him..I don't want him turning our future kids gay."


No engagement announced. I told him ...."YOU THINK I AM WHITE LIKE YOU??? YOU ARE WRONG!!!! My sister in laws are Mexican...I AM MEXICAN!!!! My brother is a F#G as you say, than so am I!! If you insult my family you insult me. DO YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE CHILDREN WITH A RACIST HOMOPHOBIC IDIOT??
(even if it means at age 39 now it was probably my last chance to have children..totally not worth it)

MARRY WHO LOVE (color, age, sex) As an attorney I believe the Loving case is powerful legal precedent in gaining the vital human right to same sex marriage. I think Mr. & Mrs. Loving would be humbled that they have changed the world of interracial and same-sex couples because they loved each other.