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Sun, 04/21/2013 - 6:27pm -- ecochicnatasha
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The truth is most days my life is loved as just little ol' me, doing the things that interest me, working, and living which most of the time has very little to do with my race or gender.

My family, my husband, our children and I just love, dance, play, eat, have fun, laugh, cry, have hard times, experience all the joys and triumphs, as just us.

I can honestly say that sometimes I forget we are a mixed race couple with mixed race children. We're just a family-experiencing this journey called life together, most days.

Then sometimes, something happens, a nasty look, a muttered comment, a tap on the shoulder from one patron to another as we walk into an establishment in certain parts of the country as to say, "Look at THAT!".

Then I am reminded that our family is unique in a way that wasn't always acceptable in the eyes of the powers that be. That my husband and I, who fell in love with one another based on mutual respect, attraction and compatability- may not have had this opportunity to love one another and create a family together without the sacrifice of people like the Lovings and so many others. Then I am reminded of just how lucky we are. That, my friend, is cause for celebration!