Betty | Loving Day


Tue, 06/12/2012 - 2:37pm -- BettyE.
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New York
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United States

Loving Day stands for the sacrifice of an amazing family that fought to secure, not only their own future, but the future of all inter-racial, inter-ethnic couples in the United States. Love and acceptance are two of the most beautiful attributes of human culture, yet there is such an unwillingness to recognize or fight for these as if they were injustices on the human spirit. The what-if's and the paranoias of ignorance and hate can only be stilled by kindness, education and a constant push forward. The Lovings did just that, moving from state to state to keep their children safe, risking arrest, battling government and bigotry in a court system stacked against them and keeping their cool through it all.

It is with great gratitude that I, a white woman, can freely engage in a wonderful relationship with the love of my life, a beautiful and caring black man. In this time, we can openly hope for children with curly brown locks and blue eyes. We can plan our futures together.

Sometimes we think that the only people we need to thank for our freedom are the soldiers fighting abroad, but each day, someone, somewhere is battling a system fraught with racism, sexism, classism, agism and so much more, on their own, without an army behind them.