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Sat, 01/07/2012 - 2:12pm -- mrslaff5
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My husband and I were married on 6/12/10.

We met in college, but were both shy. So, despite the fact that we were attracted to one another, nothing came of it. A year later, my roommate formally introduced us. We were inseparable ever since. Alex proposed to me in November of 2008 and we immediately planned our wedding to take place on Loving Day in 2010.

Alex (who is Colombian) was adopted by Caucasian parents at around 9 months of age. His parents were so accepting of our relationship and marriage.

My family (African-American) was also supportive and accepting of our relationship from the very beginning.

I am so very grateful and happy to have the love and support of both of our families. Alex and I are currently TTC our first child. I cannot wait to be a mom and see a perfect mixture of the two of us brought into this world!