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Oluwaseun and Jessica Sodeke

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 1:43pm -- jhart1984
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Oluwaseun "Samuel" and I met online and had our first date September 2011. We met for Indian food, browsed Barnes and Noble (a perfect way to learn about each other's interests) and went to see "Contagion". It sounds cliche' but we were very comfortable, open and honest with each other from the start and when he asked me for another date, I obliged. We just kept dating and never stopped. I had an inkling he was the man for me early on, but I was still hesitant to take the leap. He continued to prove himself to me and I kept falling for him, piece by piece. In November, I had a business trip to Virginia and he woke up bright and early to drop me off at the airport and pick me up, right on time, when I returned. This was something I would trust no one to do. I feared he would forget or not even show up at all. But I gave him the chance. What might seem like a small gesture, spoke leaps and bounds to my heart. I could trust him like I could trust my family and he made it a point to show me he cared about me and loved me.

I'd known about Loving Day for sometime so when we decided to get married, I wanted to make our day even more special. On June 12, 2012 we tied the knot at the Grand Manse in Lincoln, Neb. The venue was a historical federal courtroom and we were married by a pastor that had actually lived and worked in Nigeria (Sam's home country) for several years. Everything fell into place beautifully through the entire process and I'm very happy and excited to have started this new journey as Mr. and Mrs. Sodeke.