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Tue, 02/21/2012 - 9:45am -- Nyarayi
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I started work June 2008 where I met Jeff. We talked about Hockey and argued about trivial things. I use to make fun of him and thought he needed to grow up. There were no at office love shenanigans. He left in Aug 2008. I had a boyfriend until Nov 2008. Jeff and I were Myspace friends and would talk once in a while. We met up in Feb for a co-workers goodbye party...he was invited but someone. Him and I talked and were flirty. We're nothing a like! But that is okay, who wants to be with someone that is just like yourself? We started to text each other then he asked me out one Friday after my work day was done. We I got to pick the bar which was unique because it was the bar he went to with his friends during college. We continued to find out how much we DIDN'T have in common but again, for some reason, our date ended around 2:00am that night. Of COURSE I wouldn't invite him up..but there was a Penguins vs Rangers gamer the next morning and I said let's go to a bar and watch it. I had such a nice time I did not want our date to end so I made another one for the next day.

We got engaged November 11th 2010. It was a surprise! I was in graduate school, stressed out and he mentioned a few weeks before we should go ring shopping. He asked me to show him what I'd maybe like online...he already bought the right, he wanted to see how well he did...he did great! My family wouldn't be able to pay for our wedding and I always wanted to elope. I told him about Loving Day and we knew that was our date.

I am biracial and we did not have any problems from any of our family or friends. My parents have reminded us how lucky we have been. As they got married in the 70's and faced all sorts of discrimination and struggle. My mother was disowned by her parents and family except her Grandmother and 3 Aunts. My father's family was all in Zimbabwe.

We got married in Boothbay Harbor Maine June 12th 2011, just us, the wedding officiant, photographer and and the woman taping it. It was suppose to be sunny and 70, but it turned out to be 49, cold and raining. We'll be going to Mexico in May to celebrate our Honeymoon and hope to do something for on Loving Day 2012 too. xoxo Nyarayi and Jeff