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Cassandra & George

Sat, 07/18/2015 - 12:46pm -- GCSteiner
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George and I began dating in March 2012. Two years later (March 1, 2014) while visiting his family in Louisiana during Mardi-Gras, he got down on one knee and proposed to me while having dinner at Don's Seafood and Steakhouse. I was totally shocked. Everyone was in on the surprise (as well as my son Aaron). Needless to say, I was so happy. When we returned to Georgia we immediately began to plan for the wedding to take place the following year. The only problem was deciding when that would be. We began to search online about inter-racial couples and found out about Loving Day and knew instantly that this story touched home on so many levels. We made the decision to set our date as close to June 12th as possible. We vowed our undying love and commitment to each other in front of all of our family and friends on June 13, 2015. We are so very happy!!!!!