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Organizations Celebrate the Legalization of Interracial Couples Nationwide

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New York, NY (May 30, 2006)

The Loving Day Campaign is pleased to announce its third year of nationwide celebrations to mark the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia (1967), the Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial couples in America. Over a thousand people will gather at organized events in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Eugene. Additionally, people all over the country will host private celebrations for their friends and families.

Annual Loving Day celebrations are held on or around June 12th. This year's Loving Day celebrations have been organized by a collaborative team of organizations that work with the multiethnic community: AMEA, iPride, Multiethnic Education, Swirl, Honey, OCMA, and Loving Day. The celebrations are as diverse as the people who attend them. This year's venues include rooftop decks, public parks, backyards, churches, bars, and community centers. Events range in size from about twenty guests for private groups to about five hundred for the largest public gatherings.

Through an ever-growing number of celebrations and through a year-round online campaign, Loving Day fights racism and educates people about love, race, and the law in American history. For more information on this year's Loving Day events, please visit us online at:

About the Loving Day Campaign

Loving Day is about celebrating freedom and our right to love without regard to race. The annual Loving Day celebrations commemorate Loving v. Virginia (1967), the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial relationships in America. The campaign uses digital media to provide educational resources and to encourage people nationwide to host their own celebrations on the Sunday closest to June 12th. Loving Day teaches people about the history of interracial couples in America and works to make the Loving case a universally recognized civil rights landmark.

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