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Sat, 10/31/2015 - 12:54am -- Fizzarang
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My fiance and I have been together almost 4 years now. I am biracial black/white/Jewish and he is white. We met on Craigslist in 2012. Our relationship pretty much started right away because I got pregnant. We talked about marriage but we both decided that we wanted to do it for love and not because we had a child on the way. He took care of me during my pregnancy (still continues to do so) and somehow, somewhere in between we started having feelings for one another and fell in love. Our daughter was born on Feb of '13. About 2 months after we had our daughter we got matching heart tattoos on our left ring fingers. I have been in several different relationships and I've never connected to any person like I've been connected to him. We have pretty much been inseperable from the moment we met. We both have mental illnesses and are able to understand each other the way other people from our pasts were unable to. He's one of the most important people in our lives. Neither of our families had problems with being with each other. The only thing that saddens me are the comments I get from people. When I talk about my fiance to people and they haven't seen him before and they finally get to see what he looks like they say things like, 'Your fiance doesn't look like what I expected him to look like' or 'I thought he was gonna be black.' With me when it came to love race never mattered. I grew up seeing my godparents in a loving relationship. My godmother is white and my godfather is black so it was fully normal to me. Loving Day means a lot to me because the thought of being told that I couldn't marry my fiance because of something as stupid as skin color. That would be unacceptable to me. The freedom to be with who I want to be means a lot because I know there are still places in the world where it would be unacceptable. Love is beautiful no matter what color.