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Rob and Brenda Boyte

Sat, 04/20/2019 - 12:37pm -- Rob_Boyte
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United States

In 1980 I met Brenda Williams. We fell in love and were soon living together.

In 1982, we moved to Miami Beach, first living at the Chesterfield Hotel in South Beach but within a month, we had moved across the bay to Miami, living in the Edgewater neighborhood off Biscayne Boulevard at 23rd Street.

Brenda’s 15-year-old daughter, Rosalyn, moved down here with us and went one year to Robert E. Lee Jr. High School and we then enrolled Rosalyn at Miami Beach High. Beach High is where she met a local boy, Keith Lankford, whom she eventually married and with whom she had our two grandsons, Keith Jr. and Kevin.

In 1983, Brenda and I got married at Unity on The Bay in Miami, a couple of blocks from our home. It was a small wedding celebrating our life together, with just the church notary officiating, Rosalyn and two friends as witnesses.

Brenda and I were living in Miami Beach in 1996 when we got divorced. It was amicable, and we remained friends.

Brenda later became ill and was diagnosed with ALS. She stayed with Rosalyn’s family until she died in August 2000.

I am still a part of Rosalyn’s family and did extensive travels with my youngest grandson, Kevin, when he was a teenager, and I am now a great grandfather