Loving Week 2015: Dinner with Ken Tanabe | Loving Day

Loving Week 2015: Dinner with Ken Tanabe

When and Where is the Celebration?

Date and Time: 
04/09/2015 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Brown University, Wilson Hall
Address Line 1: 
90 George St
Address Line 2: 
Wilson 101
State (if you are in the U.S.A): 
Rhode Island
United States

Celebration Details

On campus (or hosted by a campus organization)?: 
Hosted By: 
Brown University's Organization for Multi and Biracial Students (BOMBS)
Ticket or RSVP Requirements: 
None required

Join us next week as we celebrate the outcome of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court case banning the outlaw of interracial marriage!

Use the hashtag #LovingWeek in any photos you take/share at any of our events to be featured in our Facebook album at the end of the week!

Loving Grams in Faunce --> Come out at send a loving gram affirming someone in the Brown community and we'll send it their way (anonymously or not, up to you!)

Photo Series in Faunce --> Stop by our booth in Faunce to tell us A) What does being multiracial mean to you or, B) What does Loving Day mean to you, or C) Why was the Loving v. Virginia case such a pivotal moment in American history and/or how can we learn from it?

"The Loving Story" --> Learn more about Mildred and Richard Loving in a documentary detailing the Supreme Court Case - Loving v. Virginia - that abolished anti-miscegenation laws. Read about The Loving Story here: http://lovingfilm.com/importance-of-loving/

Dinner with Ken Tanabe --> Ken Tanabe created the concept of Loving Day, and we are excited to welcome him to Brown for a dinner and discussion/Q&A.

Loving Day Celebration --> After a week of build-up, come out and unwind - eat food, watch performances, and - more than anything - celebrate the right we have to act on our love freely.

**Brought to you by the Brown Organization of Multiracial and Biracial Students in collaboration with various other students groups**

After The Event

How did it go?: 

BIG shoutout to Ken Tanabe for hanging out with us yesterday and sharing an awesome presentation and discussion! We had a such a great time! Thanks to everyone who came out and to the Multiracial Heritage Series Programmers for helping us organize the event!