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Fri, 02/11/2011 - 11:27pm -- eddien
"Loving Day is Worth Celebrating"
Jerri Chou

It's February, the month of love and of black history. So what better way to celebrate than to recognize that love can change the law?

Loving Day is a global network of annual celebrations and educational campaigns that celebrate multiracial couples and fight racial prejudice by building a multicultural community.

The name of the project comes from Loving v. Virginia (1967), the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage in the United States. But more than just a court case, it's also the story of a real-life couple, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving. Jeter was black and Richard was white, and in a time when laws forbade people of different races to marry each other, their determination, strength, and spirit won the right to marry for multiracial couples across the country.

More than just about couples, the Character Approved Loving Day is about community--celebrating diversity and promoting tolerance, awareness, and understanding. Now that's our kind of history, especially as USA honors Black History Month.