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Examiner of Virginia Beach

Tue, 06/30/2009 - 10:05am -- eddien
National day of Loving around the country
Charles Vakos

Back a little over a decade ago, my wife was working in a hotel across the street from my job. I would bump into her every now and again, but nothing serious. One night I was going home and stopped at her work to say hey. She asked me to drive her to pick up dinner. I took her to the local fast food drive-thru and back. She gave me a thank you peck and said good night. Later that evening we met up again and ended up talking the night away. What a beginning to a loving relationship.

Not that unusual except I am Italian/Greek and she is Jamaican, African, and Cherokee. I have white olive drab skin, and she is dark chocolate. We are a very multicultural couple. In Virginia Beach today, we are well accepted, but still turn a whole lot of heads. Virginia Beach is very tolerant of multicultural marriages due to the military influence. Forty-five years ago, though, we would have been arrested and put in jail.