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Mon, 10/19/2009 - 10:50pm -- eddien
Mixing It Up in Miami: In a town this diverse, interracial couples are no big deal
Jenni Person

For families of mixed-heritage, culture, and faith, a certain consciousness help to fuse and balance cultural and spiritual identity. One such family with whom we’ve sorted organics and taken swimming lessons at Morningside Park is Edwidge “Judy” DeJean-Subirats and Fernando Subirats and their kids Amelie, who is in first grade, and newborn Kian.

While Judy’s roots are Haitian, Fernando is Cuban. Early in their relationship, while living in New York City, they thought nothing of the fact that they were an interracial couple. As in Miami, it was not uncommon there. Now as parents in their hometown of Miami, surrounded by a small progressive community, they are just another mixed-race family. Says Judy: “Most of my friends are mixed heritage. There are so many families like us down here.”...

Both cultures are preserved in the Subirats household, as Amelie is learning Spanish at school and Haitian Kreyol and French at home. They eat lots of different ethnic foods and foster a real connection to the larger world, often referencing a globe in their discussions at home. A strong commonality in heritage shared by Judy and Fernando and their extended families is their Roman Catholic faith...

...While there is not much stigma attached to mixed families here, and therefore perhaps less a need for advocacy, Swirl members do celebrate Loving Day, which marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s unanimous 1967 ruling that state laws prohibiting interracial marriage were unconstitutional. (The case is known as the Loving decision, for the Virginia couple -- Mildred and Richard Perry Loving -- who were the plaintiffs. Swirl uses it to educate children about the history of interracial families.)...