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Thu, 12/23/2010 - 1:58pm -- richestmaninbabylon
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I have always wondered if there is anyone similar to myself, so I'm gonna give this a shot...

I am 23 and have a German father and Jordanian mother. I love them both alot and I am glad they brought me to this planet and made sure I can speak both of their languages. People always wonder where I'm from, especially after they hear me talk. I've been told my accent is really strange. The question that follows is usually ''well, .. where did you grow up?''

My Dad is a diplomat, which means I've never lived anywhere for more than three years. I always knew it's not the norm but only recently have a been able to wrap my head around how far off the norm my life has actually been. Being mixed is one thing, but being mixed and a .. well what do you call it? gypsy? nomad? traveller? diplomats kid .. it's a whole 'nother ballgame, believe me...

I've said so many goodbye's, and so many nice to meet you's.. it's been great!! It's tought me that race should be a thing of the past, after all, we're all earthlings!