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Thu, 02/11/2010 - 7:22pm -- miller_mediators
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My husband and I blended our diverse families together. In so doing, his family turned against him and lied in court about us, resulting in my husband losing custody of his daughters. We are now looking for civil activists, attorneys, legislatures, etc., interested in helping my husband pursue a new trial, which he is being denied.

Because of discrimination at the Walton County Juvenile Court, the hate and prejudice is being disguised with the smokescreen of some emails my husband sent his family. The Judge is using emails as the reason he took my husband's daughters away from him. This is an outrage!

Please log on to, and find the page called "A Miracle for David". Together we can fight for justice, impartiality, and the right to a fair trial for all Americans. The American people should not stand by while a wonderful father is railroaded because of discrimination. Please support the cause,
"A Miracle for David"