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John Kavanaugh

Sun, 05/24/2009 - 5:43pm -- John Kavanaugh
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I am a white gay male. I have been active in the Gay movement since 1968. I was a member of One in Detroit. In February or March of 1970 I joined the Gay Liberation Front of Detroit. Near the end of 1970 I was elected Coordinator of GLF Detroit and served in that capacity until January of 1972. I was also a founding member--and, the first lay head--of Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit. I was also a member of Integrity which is the LGBT Caucus of the Episcopal Church.

For about twenty years I wrote long (some would say boring) letters that I sent to the bishops of the Episcopal Church. I am, by no means, the only person to have influenced the bishops of the Episcopal Church to take a strong pro-Gay position. But, I do feel that I did make a difference.

In 1983 I attended a Convention of Black and White Men Together in Columbus, Ohio. Upon retruning home I joined the Detroit Chapter of BWMT and remained a member of the Detroit Chapter until 1991. A few years ago I allowed my membership as an At Large member of the National Association of BWMT to lapse.

I believe BWMT does some good. However, it is too much of "A Party (only) Group" for my taste.

I have written a book [Put out by a Publishing on Demand company] called, Welcome to the Gay Age. In the book I deal with Interracial Love as another example of a sexual orientation. I feel very strongly that interracial sexual desires are much more widespread and are stronger than is commonly realized. Indeed, I see racism as the denial of interracial desires.

John Kavanaugh