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Thu, 06/04/2009 - 12:21am -- DaniM
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Why that stupid picture? We take one with the dumb New Years Glasses every year that we've been together...since 2002. They are my favorites because they remind me of how we met at 22 and grew up together over the last 7 years...

When I first met my husband, my reaction was, "now what could this corn-fed white boy want with a girl like me?" It wasn't that he was white. I've always lived by the principle if a guy asks you out on a date, and he does so respectfully, you should give him a chance, because who knows who he'll turn out to be? Before Nick I dated a whole rainbow of people, Black, Asian, White... But Nick was different. I was used to "bad" boys. The exciting heart breakers, and here was this boy whose mother had clearly raised him well, and appeared to be, frankly, a huge yawn. I was unimpressed by "the wholesome goodness of milk" as I used to describe him to my friends.

Lucky for me he was persistent. Even after smoking on our early dates (he asked me for a drag), arriving late to our date at a comedy club (we were inevitably seated in the front row and mercilessly teased), and pretending to be a horrendous airhead, he kept asking me out. And every time he asked me out I was so stupefied by his persistence that I literally said yes out of shock. I could never think of an excuse quickly enough....But the joke was on me. Little by little I fell head over heels. Because of his kindness, integrity, and sense of humor.

Seven years later (two of them married) I tell my friends always date against type. If I hadn't let go of who I thought I was I would have never ended up with the greatest man in the world - and I mean that without a hint of exaggeration - he literally is - if you met him you would agree in a heartbeat. Prejudice doesn't have to be racial - it can stem from a distorted self image too. I'm just grateful that I only had myself to deal with and not the laws too. Long live Loving Day!