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Thu, 07/07/2011 - 11:37am -- cornelia.brown
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Author and Speaker Cornelia Brown daughter in-law of Carrie and Robert Brown of Tuskegee is ready to make a difference in the multi-cultural/racial community! Where ever she goes the message of multi-cultural/racial diversity goes with her!
Published Author, realtor and speaker Cornelia Brown has a heart for the cultural and racially mixed families in the Southside of Atlanta! The fastest growing demographic in the world (per associated press) is the blended family of today. Not many events and programs reach out to those racially mixed families.
Cornelia Brown recently kicked of the second half of 2011 by celebrating the famous court case “Loving versus Virginia” with a prayer for racial unity in church, the community and at home. Later that week on June 17th Brown honored the hard working volunteers that performed, inspired and brought awareness to organizations that help families, that otherwise have nowhere to turn.
The German born Brown is the Georgia director for “A place for us National” ( an organization under the direction of founder Dr.Ruth White) and the creator of her group “All shades and flavors.” She travels all over the world, including Tuskegee community events and invites people to take a closer look and re-evaluate their misconceptions and switch from mere tolerance to acceptance! Her hour of power in churches is called “Amazing grace for all of God’s children and brings a new and fresh twist tol diversity events that long to bring different Nations together.
Volunteers sing, dance, read and help with bone marrow drives and church programs for young and old! Some of the top honorees that where present where Dianne and Russell Worcester, Porcia Johnson and Zoe Felton, Camilla and Robert Hall, Roxanne and many others. Singer Penny Smith, Minister Patty Francisco and Colleen Smith could not attend! There are so many , that made a difference and all played an important part in making this huge mission successful. Brown’s family, her pastors at Church “COTHI” and friends have been very supportive in this effort to bring education and information to this area.
“There is still a lot of work to do in the places of worship, the workplace and in the schools. Our children must be allowed to celebrate all of their heritages and not be forced to choose one over the other,: says Brown passionately. “This type of celebration brings true diversity! Mono-racial families and racially blended families from all Nations come together and begin to embrace and learn about each other in a celebration of “every shade and flavor.” At each event the community is introduced to the great need of bone marrow donations and visitors are given the opportunity to get swabbed or make a monetary donation.
Cornelia Brown’s favorite quote out of her successful book “Black and white makes brown “is” We are all a shade of brown, some very light and some very dark but most of us are a shade in between.” Humanity is a huge puzzle and as long as one puzzle piece is missing, we will never enjoy full and true acceptance! For upcoming events email Cornelia Brown or check her out on Face book. To schedule a speaking engagement/diversity workshop or book signing call 404-786-0873.