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Thu, 08/12/2010 - 2:10pm -- KATO
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I was born African American (Black) grew up in the 70's in Denver, Colorado in a racially mixed neighborhood my whole life and all of the schools that I went to were also equally racially mixed, which I loved.

My two brothers and one sister and I were blessed by God to have parents that taught us that it never mattered what race of a girl (for my brothers and I) or what race of a guy (for my sister) that we fell in love and married, just as long as we were happy and we loved each other. Although, I had a little high school crush on a cute Black girl named Debbie Brooks that lived across the street from my home, my actual first high school girlfriend was a Hispanic/Latina.

From that point on, although, I am attracted to women of all nationalities and races, but I am strongly attracted to Latin women more so and since made it a point to teach myself to read and write in Spanish because I felt that someday, I'd probably marry a Latina. It never mattered to me which Latin country she would be from. Although my first wife was and is a wonderful African American woman, after we divorced, I went right back to Latin women and am currently married to a beautiful Latina from Panamá in the photo here with me. My personal motto is "Soy un Moreno Americano con corazon Latino".

In college at the suggestion of my college counselor, I studied African history and found out a lot of the history of Africans and Latinos from such Latin countries as Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Panamá, Puerto Rico and Republica Dominicana. I love all Latin countries, but due my heritage, I feel a stronger connection to those Latin countries.

Since then I have learned that my African ancestry mixed with the Latinos from Cuba and Puerto Rico, Colombia and Dominican Republic, we have created such great music as Salsa and Merengue and like the McDonald’s commercial, "I'm loving it." As a teenager, I use to have the idea that if everyone was obviously racially mixed, it would help erase out prejudice and racism around the world.

Now my youngest son, Sullas has also married a pretty Latina girl, Wendy from Guatemala and we are all happy and proud of them. The bottom line is that my family and I see people the way God sees people, which means Loves sees no color.

In closing, whenever I see an interracial couple or bi-racial people in public, I think to myself, how beautiful to see people with an open heart and open mind and the world is getting better after all and more so in the southern states in America, where the biggest problems always have been. I also tell interracial couples about the best interracial love & unity website:

Quote of the year: “When you take a set back, don’t take a step back because God is going to make your comeback” by Rev. Tim Storey.

Peace & Blessings,
Nay K. Miami (little Cuba) Florida, 15 June 2007.